Indications of calculation for transformers wrapped in air

If you have still an old Basic here download a little program for calculation

The only difference in the calculation of a transformer wrapped in air respect to a traditional is in the fact that is not valid the tables of volt for coil that they are indicated to second of the dimensions of the nucleus rendering simple the dimensioning of the transformers, in our case the problem is that one to try to obtain a high inductance how much needs to us without to expire in unacceptable dimensions or high resistance due to enormous lengths of the conductors, the same section of the conductors enters in game, increasing the section of the hank and therefore diminishing the inductance, to keep in mind also that an enormous hank will have capacitive couple and flows dispersed in proportion.

For the other data of calculation the numerous bibliographies are looked at with regard to, the formulas of Kordorfer that could here be more difficult finding are these.

 Formulas of Kordorfer